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The Vineyards
The estate currently has about 25 acres of vineyards, at around 600 feet above sea level. The slight slope and excellent exposition, North-East for white grapes and South-West for red grapes, the medium consistency clayey soils with sandstone strips and the Adriatic Sea breeze make the estate specially fit for vine growing.
Over the years, the agronomic strategy has been supporting the production growth of excellent wines and thus the estate has been focusing on two main areas: making better the existent vineyards for red wine; increasing, enhancing the vineyards for white wines.
Therefore, on the Red’s side, the Sangiovese vineyards were improved by implanting prestigious clones such as “Sangiovese Grosso”, with thick skin grapes and excellent fruit concentration, and “Prugnolo Gentile”, with small loose bunches, oval grapes and elegant aromas; finally two new vineyards were set of Merlot and Cabernet Franc. On the White’s side, the estate extended the vineyards of Bombino with prestigious clones and enriched its varietal patrimony with aromatic vineyards of Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Rhine Riesling.
All that was achieved availing ourselves of the great experience of the agronomist Dr Remigio Bordini.
Vineyard balance and grapes health and quality are obtained by working with passion and knowledge on various levels: use of the most recent agronomic practices, well-balanced pruning and thinning, prevention as phyto-sanitary philosophy all while using



mostly natural products, use of organic fertilizers ......
All this for excellent grapes: indeed, it is only grapes quality that allows to express in our wines the excellence of our Territory !!!



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