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We do not manage, handle or store any Customer sensitive information related to on-line payments (such as credit/debit card numbers). That information, if required for payment, is managed directly by the PAYPALL WEB site to whom we link the Customer to finalize a specific order.
We do everything in our power to protect customer-information offline. All of our customers' information (for example, the personal data required for registration, invoicing, delivery) is restricted in the offices of the Company and to the offices of our qualified Third Parties. Only our employees or our qualified Third Parties, who need the information to perform a specific job (for example, a salesperson or the Shipment and Delivery Company), are given access to personally identifiable information.

Correcting/Updating Personal Information
If your personal information changes (such as your shipping or billing address, etc.), you can add new information or delete any information from your account at the "My Account" page of our Site. You can also modify your login Password from the same page. Of course, if you prefer speak to a human, we can be reached at +39 0543 35029.


Legal Note
We inform you that your personal information are managed accordingly to the Italian Law on  Privacy (n°196 dated 30 June 2003 and later revisals and supplements).
The person responsible  of managemment of your personal information in our Company is Mr. Sergio Italo Stefenelli, legal representative of the Company. Please contact us if you have any questions about the privacy terms or the security at our WEB Site.
Postal address: Viale Domenico Bolognesi 19, 47121 Forlì (FC) – Italy;
Tel./Fax: +39 0543 35029;
e-mail: info@destefenelli.it.

The Customer, executing the registration process in this WEB Site,  undersign to be informed on the contens of the Italian Law on Privacy (n°196 dated 30 June 2003 and later revisals and supplements), to acknowledge the information provided on the matter and to agree on the management (retaining, storing, processing, etc.) of his personal and sensitive information by the Company, for the scope and in the way described in this Site.


Country Resort Tenuta de’ Stefenelli Sede legale: V.le D. Bolognesi 19 Forlì (FC) 47121 P. IVA / C.F. 03541470401